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Our initiative is to provide Quality, Affordable Cyber Security Solutions that will enable your company to reach its goals safely. We accomplish this through our Better Safer Cyber World Initiative

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About Us

We are a group of former NSA operators and analysts who believe in making the cyber world a better, safer place to be. In 2014 we decided not to chase developing a huge company, but rather cultivating a community that will change the cyber world. We offer advanced cyber security services at lower prices, because we don't have the same overhead as larger organizations. Reach out to learn more

Spear Phishing




Social Engineering


Cyber Crime


Threat & Attack Vectors

The increase of spear phishing campaigns to grow the profit of cyber crime, through Ransomware, has led the way to alternative attack vectors that have bestowed a unnecessary level of threat on the average company. Don't fall victim to the increase in social enginnering tactics. Educate your employees both in and outside of the cyber community.

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MSP Partnerships

We offer our services to Managed Service Providers as White Labeled, provided to your current clients. You've worked hard for your relatations with your clients, we'll work hard to make sure you keep them.

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Our initiative is to provide Quality, Affordable Cyber Security Solutions that will enable your company to meet its goals with confidence. We accomplish this through our Better Safer Cyber World Initiative, leveraging our Advanced Threat Intelligence platform, called LadenLabs, to do the heavy lifting. LadenLabs comes paired with three different offerings to provide the most affordable aggregated security to meet your goals.

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RETCON is a hacking competition where contestants can hack their way through our exploitation platform that consists of four networks, 25 computers, and over 150 vulnerabilities. There are prizes for the top three contestants, and a grand prize of $500 for the first contestant who can hack their way through all of four networks, while capturing all the flags, in the four hours provided. There are only 25 seats available.

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Venue: Stoke Denton

Address: 608 E Hickory St #128, Denton, TX 76205

Date: TBD

Vulnerability Identification


Initial Access




World Domination


RETCON Background

RETCON is named after the SEH exploitation of the return pointer on the stack. POP POP RET is a sequence of instructions needed in order to create SEH (Structured Exception Handler) exploits. The registers to which the popped values go are not important for the exploits to succeed, only the fact that ESP is moved towards higher addresses twice and then a RET is executed. Thus, either POP EAX, POP EBX, RET, or POP ECX, POP ECX, RET or POP EDX, POP EAX, RET (and so on) will do. Read more here

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Metasploit Unleashed

Need a little brushing up? Here's Metasploit Unleashed, a free Ethical Hacking course from Offsec. "This course is a perfect starting point for Information Security Professionals who want to learn penetration testing and ethical hacking, but are not yet ready to commit to a paid course. We will teach you how to use Metasploit, in a structured and intuitive manner. Additionally, this free online ethical hacking course makes a wonderful quick reference for penetration testers, red teams, and other security professionals."

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Offsec Pentest Labs

The Offsec Pentest Labs, by Offesec "hosted virtual labs networks are rich with various Operating Systems and attack vectors, allowing participants to utilize and hone a broad set of Offensive Security pen testing skills. Many vulnerable machines have non-standard configurations, often forcing participants to dig deep into the vulnerabilities in order to complete their task, rather than blindly using automated tools."

Active Threats

Stay up to date on current threat actors and their attributed hacks.

ThreatConnect: FancyBear on Steroids

Russian Cyber Operations

On August 15, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) alerted stakeholders to phishing emails that used domains spoofing the WADA’s legitimate domain, wada-ama.org.

ThreatConnect: FancyBear & the Rabbit Hole

Defending Your Assets

The combination of the attacks relying on widely available open source tools and the superficial involvement of Russian infrastructure left us thinking Russian attribution was plausible but not certain as we were unable to determine if the attacks were criminally motivated or state sponsored with any confidence.

CrowdStrike: Bear Hunting

Tracking Down COZY BEAR Backdoors

The most effective means of identifying a COZY BEAR WMI implant is to query Event Filters, Event Consumers, and Filter To Consumer Bindings within Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).


Courses offered by StandardUser Cyber Security

StandardUser Course

Cyber Security for the StandardUser

This course is for professionals who work in a non IT related field. You will be taught the importance of cyber security, and what you can do to help enhance cyber security in your work place.

NAPT Course

Network Admin Pentest Training Course

This course will walk Network Administrators through performing their own penetration test. Our goal is that your network admins will be able to scan, research, identify, and leverage vulnerabilities against their own networks.

ANAPT Course

Advanced Network Admin Pentest Training

Available on request. Please contact [email protected] for more information

NAPT Course

The Network Admin Pentest Training course, NAPT, offered by StandardUser Cyber Security is targeted specifically for network administrators. The course offers an intense educational overview of the cyber security tools used to perform internal and external penetration tests, as well as online resources designed to answer questions & provide feedback for common issues with the systems, protocols, and tools used during a pentest. With a corresponding certification, network administrators with the NAPT certification will become the new baseline for hiring a network administrator. Sign up for our next course here.

Open Source Research


Network Scanning


Vulnerability Validation


Proper Mitigation


Network Admin Pentest Training

The future of the network admin is here, and the time has come to decrease the workload of professional pentest organizations and raise the standards of the network admin. The StandardUser Cyber Security NAPT course has made it possible to increase efficiency, decrease overhead, and close the vulnerability gap that plagues so many businesses. Next time you hire a network admin don't forget to ask them, 'Are you NAPT certified'?

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